Concept for Life Sterilised Cats in Jelly - 24 x 85g

The basis of a long and active cat life is a species-appropriate, balanced nutrition. Concept for Life Sterilised Cats in Jelly has been specifically formulated to provide a balanced diet for your neutered cat. After sterilisation, your cat's hormone balance changes causing its metabolism to slow down. You might notice that it has an increased appetite even though it doesn't need the energy.

Sterilised cats are at risk of developing urinary stones since they drink leΒ and they often eat more than they need to and start to pile on the pounds. Concept for Life Sterilised Cats targets the nutritional needs of castrated and sterilised cats. This delicious complete meal with jelly provides them with important nutrients which are vital for all-round good health.

The balanced formula has an adjusted fat content and increased protein content which can help your cat to maintain its ideal body weight. The main ingredient in Concept for Life Sterilised Cats in Jelly is carefully selected meat and top quality, functional ingredients with a balanced mix of all the nutrients to help keep your cat healthy.

It is easy to digest and very well accepted. This premium quality, complete wet cat food from Concept for Life is based on the latest scientific findings and has been specifically developed to meet the needs of neutered adult cats: Healthy urinary tract: The recipe is enriched with DL-methionine which reduces the urine pH value.

This helps to reduce the occurrence of urinary stones. Effective weight control: The increased protein content in combination with L-carnitine as well as adjusted fat levels (4%) and energy content can help your cat to maintain its ideal body weight. It can also help to discourage weight increase if feeding is adjusted appropriately.

Muscle maintenance: The increased protein content (8.2%) in combination with L-carnitine helps to maintain a functional muscle maΒ. Balanced mix of nutrients: This wet cat food recipe is packed with vital proteins, fatty acids, fibre, vitamins and minerals which all help to make sure that your neutered cat gets a balanced, wholesome meal every time.

Well accepted: The appealing texture and size of the meat chunks, combined with the delicious jelly ensure it is well accepted. Developed together with vets Contains eΒential taurine Comes in a handy pouch: Easy to open, pre-portioned servings. Every meal is fresh, tasty and rich in nutrients. No soya, sugar, taste enhancers or preservatives: for a healthy meal.

Concept for Life Sterilised Cats is a unique nutritional concept, based on scientific research. It helps your cat to enjoy a healthy cat life. Sterilised Cats is a tasty wet food, based on the individual well-being and dietary requirements of neutered adult cats 1plus year. Concept for Life tailored nutrition for your pet. Have you heard about Concept for Life dry cat food?. It includes a range of specialised nutrition and Concept for Life Sterilised Cats dry food is the ideal addition to..

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