Concept for Life Saver Pack 48 x 85g - Light in Jelly

Concept for Life is a unique, scientifically developed nutritional concept that is designed to meet the individual nutritional needs of each and every cat, depending on their own personal circumstances. This wet food is precisely tailored to your cat's needs, offering a balance of nutrients for optimum overall health. This is the basis for a long and active cat life.

The main ingredient of Concept for Life is carefully selected meat and top quality, functional ingredients. This creates a balanced mix of the vital nutrients that help to keep your cat health. It is easy to digest and very well accepted. The wet food recipes in jelly or gravy offer variety and help ensure health and wellbeing in your cat.

Concept for Life Saver Pack 48 x 85g is available in the following varieties: Concept for Life All Cats: Premium wet food for cats 1plus years, this food is made with easy to digest protein and can help prevent hairballs and urinary stones. It provides all-round care for adult cats of normal weight. Concept for Life Sterilised Cats: Perfect for neutered cats 1plus year, it contains DL-methionine which helps to reduce the urine pH value.

This tasty wet food is rich in protein and L-carnitine to help maintain a functional muscle maΒ. Concept for Life Sensitive Cats: Specially formulated for sensitive cats aged 1plus, this complete wet food contains chunks of juicy chicken in a tasty sauce or jelly.

It is enriched with taurine, easy to digest and promotes healthy gut flora. Concept for Life Light: Great-tasting complete wet food for cats prone to weight gain. Reduced calorie nutrition in delicious gravy or jelly, with lots of protein to help maintain healthy muscle maΒ and with L-carnitine. Concept for Life Beauty: Balanced wet cat food rich in omega 3 and 6 and biotin for shiny fur and healthy skin.

This tasty food is suitable for cats with sensitive skin and provides your cat with a tasty, healthy meal. Concept for Life Kitten: Ideally suited to the nutritional needs of young cats 2-12 months, as well as pregnant and lactating queens, this top quality wet food promotes healthy, steady growth.

Easy to digest and well accepted. Concept for Life All Cats 10plus: Tasty wet food specifically formulated for older cats 10plus years. It is made with a premium mix of nutrients to help promote vitality. With a reduced phosphorus content and enriched with DL-methionine. Benefits of Concept for Life at a glance: Balanced nutrition: The recipes contain all vital proteins, fatty acids, fibre, vitamins and minerals needed for your cat's overall wellbeing and a long, healthy cat life.

Well accepted: The appealing texture and size of the meat chunks, combined with the delicious gravy or jelly, ensure it is well accepted Developed together with vets Contains eΒential taurine Comes in a handy pouch: Easy to open, pre-portioned servings. Every meal is fresh, tasty and rich in nutrients. No soya, sugar, taste enhancers or preservatives: for a healthy meal Take advantage of this..

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