Concept for Life Economy Packs - Light Adult (2 x 3kg)

This promotional offer applies only to the listed variants starting with 529626.xx (.xx = variant identifier). Concept for Life provides your pet with the right nutrition for each life stage. This species-appropriate, balanced food is tailored to suit the individual needs and dietary requirements of your cat. The foods are designed to make it easy for you to give your cat a species appropriate and balanced diet at every stage of its life.

No matter whether your pet is a kitten, getting on in years, a house cat or one that spends time outside, Concept for Life provides your cat with a balanced, premium nutrition at a great price. Concept for Life - tailored nutrition which is based on the individual well-being and dietary requirements of your cat! Choose from the following different food varieties: Concept for Life All Cats: A species-appropriate, balanced food suitable for adult cats aged 1 year and more.

Concept for Life Indoor Cats: A balanced food with moderate energy and fat content for adult indoor cats aged 1 year plus. Concept for Life Outdoor Cats: Formulated for adult outdoor cats aged 1 year and over with high energy needs.

Concept for Life Sterilised Cats: For neutered cats aged 1 year and over. With adjusted energy and protein content. Concept for Life Sensitive Cats: For cats aged 1 year and over with sensitive digestive systems. Concept for Life Light Adult: For cats aged 1 year and over which are prone to weight gain.

Concept for Life Maine Coon Adult: For adult Maine-Coon cats aged 15plus months. Concept for Life British Shorthair Adult: For fully grown British Shorthair cats aged 12plus months. Concept for Life Kitten: Ideal for kittens 2-12 months as well as pregnant and lactating queens. It is an easy to digest, balanced, premium mix of nutrients.

Concept for Life All Cats 10plus: For older cats 10plus years with low energy needs, with a mix of premium nutrients suitable for senior cats. Your cat's wellbeing and species-appropriate nutrition, as well as its specific nutritional requirements are at the heart of the Concept for Life philosophy. Concept for Life at a glance: Balanced nutrient mix: The recipe contains all the important proteins, fatty acids, fibre, vitamins and minerals which your cat needs for great all round care to help it to live a long and healthy life.

Dental health: The Stay-Clean™ complex with highly soluble vitamin C reduces bacterial plaque formation and dental tartar.

In addition, special plant fibres help to mechanically clean the teeth. Fur and Skin: The vitamin-B-complex in combination with copper and organically bound zinc as well as high-quality omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids may help to promote gloΒy fur and soft skin in your cat. Hairball Function: Concept for Life All cats can help to prevent the formation of hairballs. It also contains a beneficial mix of psyllium, dried beet pulp and lignocellulose plant fibres which may help to support the natural expulsion of swallowed hair. Rich in meat Made with rice,..

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