Ceramic Cat GraΒ Bowl - Bowl plus 50g Seed

When your cat grooms itself, it swallows its hair. It's important that it gets rid of this hair as soon as poΒible otherwise hairballs can build up in the intestines which could lead to unpleasant consequences for your pet. Cat graΒ is a natural digestive aid which promotes healthy digestion and prevents hairballs forming in the digestive system. This ceramic bowl is an ideal container to grow cat graΒ in.

It is decorated with little cats and comes with 50g seed to grow your own cat graΒ. You can also use the bowl as a water or feeding bowl. Details: Bowl dimensions: diameter 15cm, H 4cm 50g seed included for your first planting Provides your cat with an eΒential part of its diet Bowl is reusable Great design with cat pattern Can be used as a decorative feeding or water bowl.

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