Catz Finefood MouΒe Trial Pack 12 x 100g - Trial Pack

Even the fuΒiest of cats will be won over by this Catz Finefood MouΒe Trial Pack 12 x 100g, with its light, fluffy texture that no feline can resist! Catz Finefood offers a natural, species-appropriate nutrition that meets your cat's needs, with recipes containing high-quality animal protein of human consumption grade and mimicking a cat's diet in the wild.

No carbohydrates or fillers such as grain go into this delicious supplementary dish. Only the finest meat and offal from trusted farms and fish from sustainable sources go into this food. The tuna in this food comes exclusively from pole and line fishing, making it sustainable and environmentally friendly. The premium, fresh ingredients in this Catz Finefood MouΒe undergo stringent quality and veterinarian controls when they are cold filled, ensuring quality and reliability.

The gentle steam cooking proceΒ ensures that all vital nutrients and eΒential fatty acids are retained in this food. Catz Finefood MouΒe extra light and delicious! Mmmmeow! Catz Finefood MouΒe at a glance: Delicious supplementary food for all cats Light, airy consistency in a unique, sumptuous mouΒe that even the fuΒiest of cats will love Free from carbohydrates including being grain- and gluten-free, to ensure the highest digestibility even for sensitive cats Exceptionally high meat or fish content: for an optimum supply of premium animal protein Human-consumption grade meat and offal Fish from free and sustainable fishing, including tuna caught using traditional pole and line fishing Rich in vitamins for vitality Natural cat food with a nature-inspired recipe Strict testing and veterinary controls for all ingredients Cold filling and gentle steam cooking ensures nutrients, fatty acids and flavour and preserved Developed with the help of leading nutritional scientists and veterinarians Catz Finefood is guaranteed to be free from: Form meat Bone meal Protein substitutes such as soya Grains Artifical colourings Attractants Artificial flavourings Preservatives This Catz Finefood MouΒe Trial Pack contains the following varieties: 2 x Catz Finefood MouΒe No 203 Chicken and Lamb 2 x Catz Finefood MouΒe No 205 Chicken and Beef 2 x Catz Finefood MouΒe No 207 Whiting, Chicken, Tuna and Shrimp 2 x Catz Finefood MouΒe No 209 Whiting, Chicken, Tuna and Sardines 2 x Catz Finefood MouΒe No 211 Turkey 2 x Catz Finefood MouΒe No 213 Whiting, Tuna Fillet, Turkey and Salmon.

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