Catz Finefood Meatz Treats - N degrees5 Veal (45g)

The finest SwiΒ meat goes into these grilled, dried Catz Finefood Meatz Treats, forming crispy meaty strips that your cat will adore! Each variety contains just one source of high-quality animal protein and is made up of 95% pure meat. Every strip is around 3.5cm long and free from sugar, grains and genetically modified ingredients. The farmers and meat-producers in Switzerland find the best conditions in order to work in a species-appropriate and sustainable way.

The quality is clear in the finished flavour, which will be appreciated by even the fuΒiest of cats. Catz Finefood Meatz Treats are ideal as a little gourmet snack or as play motivation or just to make your cat happy! Every flavour contains beneficial plant extracts from green-lipped muΒels or linseeds, so you can spoil your cat as well as doing it some good! Catz Finefood Meatz Treats at a glance: High-quality supplementary cat food Ideal as a small between-meal snack, as the motivation in a search or just as a treat! With 95% pure meat: each flavour variety contains just one source of protein, making them ideal even for cats with sensitivities SwiΒ quality: the meat is produced through sustainable, species-appropriate SwiΒ agriculture, giving it a great appealing flavour for your cat BBQ flavour: making these treats ultra delicious With beneficial plant extracts: Catz Finefood Meatz N degrees;3 Chicken contains green-lipped muΒel extract, which offers nutrients for supporting joints and cartilage Catz Finefood Meatz N degrees;5 Veal contains linseeds, which have a positive effect on the digestion and offer valuable amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids Sugar- and gluten-free GMO-free Free from artificial additives Practical packaging: stand-up pouches with resealable zip lock.

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