Catpoint Cat Litter - Economy Pack 4 x 5l (17.6kg)

Catpoint Cat Litter is highly economical thanks to its strong clumping action. It is three times as absorbent as conventional cat litters, saving you money and ensuring you don't have to replace the litter as often. The litter is made from natural clay that clumps reliably when it comes into contact with liquid. The litter's fresh scent and fine grains mean that unpleasant smells and urine are absorbed on contact.

This natural cat litter is virtually dust free and easy to use. To keep the litter tray clean and hygienic, simply remove clumps on a daily basis and refill with new litter as neceΒary. Catpoint Cat Litter at a glance: Clumping cat litter Made from natural materials: litter consists of fine grains of natural clay Strong clumping action: the grains' natural clumping action is activated as soon as they come into contact with urine High absorbency: locks in unpleasant odours Extremely economical: up to 3x leΒ litter needed than with ordinary cat litter Simple to use: just remove clumps from the tray and refill with fresh litter when neceΒary Bag with a practical carry-handle.

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