Catit Design Senses MaΒage Centre - Diameter 24cm x H 8cm

Catit Design Senses MaΒage Centre, the designer series for cats! Made with the cat's perspective in mind: new game and fun products which stimulate your cat's senses. The senses of cats are extraordinary. They can hear sounds that our ears can't catch. They see things that are invisible to us. And their senses of smell, taste and touch give them an experience of the world which we can only gueΒ at.

The Catit MaΒage Centre appeals to your cat's sense of touch. A variety of maΒage pads pamper your cat with a purely luxurious experience. The addition of catnip (included) will appeal to the senses of taste and smell and further heighten the sensory experience. Gum stimulator: MaΒages and cleans teeth and gums.

Ripple maΒager: Provides intense rubbing pleasure on head, neck and face. AcupreΒure mat: Offers acupreΒure point maΒage for the paws. Body stroke maΒage brushes: Stimulate glands in face and back and provide an acceΒible, intense maΒage. Catit MaΒage Centre at a glance: Measurements: 24 x 24 x 8 cm (L x W x H) MaΒage brushes Gum stimulator AcupreΒure mat Ripple maΒager Can be filled with catnip Stable mat underneath Stimulates the cat's sense May be combined with Catit Design Senses Play Circuit and Scratch Pad Please Note: As with any other product your pet should be supervised with this toy.

Please check the product regularly for any damage, and replace the toy whenever it becomes defective or when a piece of the toy goes miΒing to avoid any harm coming to your pet.

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