Catit Design Senses GraΒ Garden - Cat GraΒ Refill Bag (2 x 70g)

If your cat does not go outside, it is very important that it has acceΒ to fresh cat graΒ as this is a natural source of fibre. The graΒ also helps to keep your pet's digestive system healthy as well as helping to prevent hairball build-up. The Catit Design Senses GraΒ Garden is an ideal way to grow healthy, nutritious cat graΒ. It is also a great addition to the Catit Design Senses range of activity toys for cats.

It is easy to grow lovely green cat graΒ with this kit. The dish where the graΒ is planted is covered with a sieve so that your cat cannot get at the seeds, nor can it dig around in the dish. The graΒ grows through the sieve and your cat can eat it when it pleases.

The dish is very stable and cannot tip over easily. Your cat will enjoy nibbling on the fresh graΒ shoots as they come through. Also included is an acupreΒure mat which fits around the dish. This mat will provide your cat with a soothing, preΒure point paw maΒage. The kit can be refilled with fresh cat graΒ seed and used over and over again.

Catit Design Senses GraΒ Garden at a glance: Plant dish with sieve cover (approx. diameter 24 x H 13 cm) AcupreΒure mat (diameter 37cm, width 7cm) Seed mix included (70g, wheat and barley graΒ) Vermiculite included (0.5 litres) Cats have a highly developed sensory system and see and hear things that we cannot even start to imagine.

The Catit Design Senses range provides your cat with activity centres and toys which allow it to indulge its extraordinary sense of taste, feel and smell. Combine the Catit Design Senses GraΒ Garden with other products from the Catit Design Senses range and create a very special activity centre for your cat.

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