CateΒy Sticks - 45 sticks - BBQ Salmon

CateΒy Sticks are delicious snacks which your cat will really enjoy. Made from selected fresh ingredients these tasty treats are grain-free and easy to digest. Choose between meat, fish or BBQ flavour - your cat is sure to love them all. There are handy indentations on the CateΒy Sticks so it is easy to break a little piece off if you prefer to give your cat a smaller treat.

You don't have to feed your cat an entire treat and so nothing goes to waste. CateΒy Sticks cat treats are a supplementary cat food and are available in the following flavours Salmon and Trout: Extra light and enriched with vital vitamins and minerals Rabbit, Turkey and Yeast: very tasty, with vitamins and minerals BBQ Salmon: Fresh and juicy salmon with delicious BBQ flavour Poultry and Liver: easy to digest and delicious BBQ Duck: Tender duck with a great BBQ flavour CateΒy for the discerning cat– great tasting cat food at a great price.

Look for more CateΒy products under the CateΒy Canned Cat Food section in the zooplus shop!.

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