CateΒy Crunchy Snacks Saver Pack 3 x 65g - with Poultry and Cheese

CateΒy Crunchy Snacks are a great way spoil your cat with a delicious treat between meals. These crunchy snacks have a tasty, creamy filling and are made without additional sugar. They contain leΒ that 2 calories per snack. CateΒy Crunchy Snacks come in 3 delicious varieties so your cat can enjoy a different snack each day. Choose from 3 different varieties of CateΒy Crunchy Snacks: With Poultry and Cheese 3 x 65g: Tasty poultry with delicious cheese.

Vitamins and taurine help to keep eyesight and heart healthy. With Beef and Malt 3 x 65g: Hearty beef for cats who love meat. With vitamins and malt to aid digestion (anti-hairball). With Salmon and Omega 3 3 x 65g:Exquisite salmon for those fish loving cats.

With vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids to support the cardiovascular system CateΒy Crunchy Snacks at a glance: No added sugar With vitamin A, D3 and vitamin E LeΒ than 2 calories per snack Re-sealable packet Lots of variety CateΒy: Delicious food for the discerning cat. For further information on the individual products please follow this link: CateΒy Crunchy Snacks.

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