CateΒy Crunchy Snacks 65g - with Salmon

CateΒy Crunchy Snacks are tasty cat snacks which are perfect if you want to reward your pet or simply treat it to something nice between meals. These divine crunchy snacks have a delicious, creamy filling which will win over even the most discerning cat. They are made without additional sugar and contain leΒ that 2 calories per snack. CateΒy Crunchy Snacks come in different varieties so your cat will not get bored and can enjoy a different snack each day.

Choose from 3 different CateΒy Crunchy Snack varieties: With Poultry and Cheese: Tasty poultry refined with delicious cheese. Vitamins and taurine help to keep eyesight and heart healthy. With Beef and Malt: Hearty beef for all meat lovers.

With vitamins and malt to aid digestion (anti-hairball). With Salmon and Omega 3:Exquisite salmon for all fish loving cats. With vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids to support the cardiovascular system CateΒy Crunchy Snacks at a glance: No added sugar With vitamin A, D3 and vitamin E LeΒ than 2 calories per snack Re-sealable packet Lots of variety CateΒy: Delicious food for the discerning cat.

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