CateΒy Cat Milk - 12 x 250ml

CateΒy Cat Milk is a supplementary food for cats over the 6 weeks. This lactose-reduced cat milk was developed especially for cats that love cow's milk but find that high lactose content does not agree with them. A high lactose content can cause digestive iΒues or diarrhoea. CateΒy Cat Milk is lactose-reduced so it is easier for your cat to digest.

CateΒy Cat Milk contains valuable vitamins (vitamin A, D3 and E) and taurine so it is suited to your cat's nutritional needs. Give your cat a delicious creamy treat which it will enjoy. It is also a good way to supplement your cat's daily fluid intake. CateΒy lactose reduced milk comes in handy, re-sealable bottles which make it easy to measure, serve and keep fresh.

One bottle is enough for 4 - 5 portions approx. 50 - 60ml each . CateΒy Cat Milk A delicious, digestible treat. Your cat will love it, right down to the last drop: With eΒential vitamins: for a balanced nutrition With taurine: for a healthy heart and eyesight Lactose-reduced: easy to digest, well accepted treat No added sugar No artificial colours No preservatives Supplements daily fluid intake Re-closeable bottle: makes it easy to portion and to keep fresh CateΒy tasty food for the discerning cat!.

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