Cat Tree Maqueda - Beige

A cat tree offers cats an all-important place to sharpen claws. This helps remove the scaly claw surface and can help prevent ingrown claws. Plus, cats can let out their natural instinct to scratch without damaging your furniture. The various platforms of the cat tree Maqueda offer your cat unrivaled views over his or her domain. The two-story den is completely covered with plush inside and offers your kitty a cozy retreat and a place to play, depending on your pet's mood.

There's a fun toy attached to elastic inside the den, and another one on a rotating attachment at the top of the tree. The posts are wrapped tightly in beige sisal and the platforms, hammock, base, and two-story den are covered with long plush.

The hammock is stable and durable due to its metal frame. The entire tree is 192cm tall with a 4cm thick base platform. Dimensions: 1 Base, 61 x 51 x 4 cm 5 Posts covered with natural sisal, Diameter 9cm: 2 pieces 60cm tall, 2 pieces 39cm tall, and 3 pieces 40cm tall Two-story den: Diameter 36 x 62 cm (interior completely covered with plush) Platform: 36 x 36 cm Platform with opening: 61 x 41 cm Hammock: Diameter 36cm 2 toys on elastic bands.

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