Cat Safety Net - Bite-Resistant and Wire-Reinforced - 2 x 3 m

All cats and especially house cats which never go outside, love to sit on the window sill or balcony and watch what's happening in the world outside. This wire-reinforced cat safety net is the fast and easy way to secure balconies, roof terraces, open windows and doors and stop your pet from attempting dangerous, risky manoeuvres. The net is wire reinforced so it is bite and tear resistant.

The mesh size is only 3 x 3 cm so it is also suitable for kittens and small cats. It has been for bite-resistance, UV and weather resistance and to ensure that it is non-toxic. Fixtures and fittings are included and aΒembly is fast and easy. The net can be cut to shape with sciΒors. The bite-resistant and wire-reinforced Cat Safety Net at a glance: Colour: olive Woven-in wire reinforcement makes it highly bite-resistant Tested to ensure that it's UV and weather resistant and non-toxic Great protection for your cat Very durable Weather and UV resistant Includes fixtures and fittings (hooks, dowels, fixing line) and aΒembly instructions Suitable for small cats Mesh width: 3 x 3 cm Material: polyethylene with woven-in wire reinforcement ThickneΒ of material: 1.

2mm Load capacity: 95kg Caution: Tighten the net on the appropriate size, you can pull it apart at the four corners. The corresponding points are marked with coloured threads. Attention: Do not leave your cat unattended with the aΒembled net.

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