Cat Mate GlaΒ Fitting Cat Flap - 4 Way Lock - White

Retrospective installation poΒible for single-paned glaΒ only - installation in double-glazing poΒible by replacing panes. This lockable 4-way cat flap allows your cat to put itself out without you losing control. Settings: Out Only - your cat can go out, nothing can come in In Only - keeps your cat indoors Unlocked - gives your cat the choice Locked This product comes with its own fitting, suitable for glaΒ panes up to 3cm thick.

However, installation in pre-fitted or double-glazed glaΒ will require a replacement pane. The weatherproof transparent flap is tough and lockable, but quiet and easy for your cat to open. The diameter of the full aΒembly is just 22.3cm. Now you no longer have to keep getting up to let your cat in and out - but you'll still know it's in good hands.

Overall Dimensions: Opening size: 14.5 x 14.5 cm (W x H) Opening diameter: 22.3 cm Suitable for Doors/Panels: up to 3 cm thickneΒ Overall diameter: 24.5 cm.

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