Bozita Feline Tetra Pak Saver Pack 16 x 190g - Kitten

Sweden a country of breathtaking beauty and untouched nature which provides the best poΒible basis for fresh, healthy and high-quality ingredients. This love of nature is part of the philosophy behind every pack of Bozita Feline cat food. Bozita Feline is produced in Sweden and contains Swedish ingredients, with an exceptionally high meat content up to 93% meat in each chunk.

This not only makes Bozita extra delicious for your cat, but also provides your pet with vital vitamins, minerals and eΒential amino acids, as well as taurine, which is vital for your cat's health. Bozita wet cat food contains natural Beta-Glucan extracted from yeast, which works together with your cat's white blood cells to activate and strengthen the body's defences.

The different varieties of Bozita Feline have been specially developed to suit your cat's lifestyle. Bozita Feline Wet Cat Food at a glance: Outdoor and Active: For adult cats with high activity levels or outdoor cats With natural vitamins and minerals Swedish elk meat High meat content of up to 93% in each chunk delicious for your cat Contains natural antioxidants like Vitamin C Indoor and Sterilised: For house cats, senior cats and castrated cats Helps your cat maintain its ideal weight With Swedish chicken for fantastic flavour and digestibility With L-carnitine for activation of your cat's metabolism 93 % meat content Sensitive Hair and Skin: For longhaired breeds and cats with sensitive skin or coats Minimizes hairball formation With tasty, easily digested chicken Scandinavian salmon provides a balance of Omega-3/-6 fatty acids 93% meat in each chunk guarantees a delicious flavour Contains antioxidants such as selenium and Vitamin E, to support a healthy immune system Sensitive Diet and Stomach: For sensitive cats with digestive problems Supports optimal digestive function With Swedish elk meat, a tasty, low-allergen ingredient perfect for sensitive cats Contains SPC (Special ProceΒed Cereals) specially developed raw ingredients made from oats, that help to support a healthy digestive system High meat content in every chunk (91%) mean a high acceptance rate, even among choosy cats Kitten: For growing cats making the transition from milk to solid foods Provides optimal energy during your cat's important growth phase With fresh Swedish chicken, for easy digestion and a delicious flavour Contains SPC (Special ProceΒed Cereals) specially developed raw ingredients made from oats, that help to support a healthy digestive system Naturally rich in taurine and selenium With MacroGard to help strengthen the body's natural defences Large: For adult cats and large breeds Very high meat content of 93% in every chunk With Scandinavian Salmon, for a balance of Omega-3/-6 fatty acids, supporting the improvement of hair and skin quality Contains cellulose fibres to help reduce the formation of hairballs With glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to support the joints Contains L-carnitine to help improve the.


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