Bozita Feline Grain Free Single Protein Chicken - 10kg

Bozita Feline Grain Free Single Protein Chicken is a complete balanced kibble designed to provide adult cats and kittens of normal activity levels with all the nutrients they need for a healthy and active lifestyle. It contains 47% chicken as a single source of valuable protein. 80% of the protein is of animal origin, while the other 20% comes from vegetable ingredients.

This means that this premium meal contains all the natural nutrients that your cat needs. Bozita Feline Grain Free Single Protein Chicken also contains 15% fresh, Swedish chicken to add a particularly delicious flavour to this dish. This dish is particularly digestible and ideal for cats with allergies or intolerances, as it is free from grains.

Prebiotics help to ensure balance in the digestive system and support the intake of key nutrients. This nutritious recipe contains macrograd, an ingredient that helps support natural bodily defences. Taurine has also been included as an eΒential nutrient for supporting feline sight and heart function. With Bozita Feline Grain Free Single Protein Chicken, you can be sure your cat is enjoying a high-quality complete food with aromatic Swedish flavour and premium ingredients.

Bozita Feline Grain Free Single Protein Chicken at a glance: High quality complete food for adult cats and kittens with normal activity levels Grain-free recipe: also ideal for cats with allergies or intolerances Single protein source of chicken: chicken meat provides the only source of animal protein and makes this ideal as an exclusion diet Balanced recipe: contains all the vital nutrients your cat needs for wellbeing With 47% chicken: 15% fresh and 32% dried Swedish chicken, offering the finest flavour and valuable protein 80% animal and 20% vegetable protein: to meet your cat's natural nutritional needs Healthy digestion: thanks to high quality ingredients and prebiotics (FOS from chicory), which help to regulate the digestive tract and ensure optimal nutritional absorption Strong bodily defences: with macrogard to help support the immune system With taurine: an eΒential nutrient for keeping your cat's eyes and heart healthy Swedish quality: particularly aromatic and delicious ingredients including chicken from Swedish animal rearing free from hormones and antibiotics.

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