Bozita Chunks Mixed Trial Packs 6 x 370g - Poultry in Jelly

Bozita Chunks in Jelly or Sauce are made from the best raw ingredients, such as Swedish beef, pork and chicken or fish. The delicious Bozita chunks contain all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your cat needs and this balanced moist cat food also contains Microgard, a natural beta-glucan that can help to boost your pet's immune system and strengthen its natural defences.

The Bozita Guarantee: Made exclusively from the highest quality raw ingredients Use of fresh meat makes this cat food easy to digest and tasty, increasing acceptance for most cats All raw ingredients are free from growth hormones No artificial flavour enhancers or colourings No preservatives Lightweight, space-saving and recyclable packaging is kind to the environment Certified products, eco-credentials and quality Low in fat for a healthy diet Bozita is presented in smart packaging which is safe and easy to handle, open and reseal.

Food can stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 2 days. Empty packaging is easy to dispose of and takes up very little space when the box is re-flattened.

Tetra-paks are also accepted for recycling in many areas. Lots of tasty ingredients in very little packaging, that is lightweight, space-saving and recyclable. This uses leΒ CO2 and energy in production and transport, to help our planet. The Mixed Trial Packs in Sauce contain the following varieties: Meat in Sauce: 2 x 370g Reindeer 2 x 370g Rabbit 2 x 370g Beef Poultry in Sauce: 2 x 370g Chicken and Turkey 2 x 370g Salmon 2 x 370g Shrimps The Mixed Trial Packs in Jelly contain the following varieties: Poultry in Jelly 2 x 370g Chicken 2 x 370g Chicken Liver 1 x 370g Turkey 1 x 370g Duck Meat in Jelly 2 x 370g Minced Beef 2 x 370g Lamb 1 x 370g Rabbit 1 x 370g Elk Fish and Shellfish in Jelly 2 x 370 g Haddock 2 x 370 g Crab 1 x 370 g Mackerel 1 x 370 g Salmon and MuΒels Bozita Tetra Paks are easy to open: Bozita Chunks A taste of Sweden.

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