Bozita Canned Food 6 x 410g - Chicken

Bozita cat food contains all neceΒary vitamins and minerals for optimal nutrition. Bozita cans are suitable for pregnant and nursing cats as well as young cats and kittens. 97% pure meat (dry solids) in appetising clear jelly No soy, meat meal, colourings, sugar or grains Handy easy-open packaging (410g can) Multi-vitamins for a healthy life Suitable for pregnant and nursing cats and for kittens Contains all nutrients, vitamins and minerals your cat needs Bozita quality stands for: Exclusive use of raw ingredients of the highest quality Raw ingredients from humane farming Meat from livestock inspected for food quality All raw ingredients free of growth hormones No artificial flavour enhancers No artificial conservatives No antibiotics No meat-and-bone meal Constant inspection of the production proceΒ (according to ISO 9001) Modern environmental management systems (according to ISO 14001) You'll find the best before date along the side of every can.

Bozita cat food can be stored for up to two years from date of manufacture.

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