Biokat's Diamond Care ClaΒic Cat Litter - Economy Pack 2 x 10l

Biokat's Diamond Care ClaΒic cat litter is a clumping cat litter made from natural clay that uses activated carbon and natural coconut shell fibres for highly effective odour binding. Activated carbon is a highly porous carbon compound with a huge inner surface area: one gram of activated carbon would measure around 1,000 sq/m if unfolded. This, in combination with physical forces, keeps odours effectively locked up.

The natural raw materials come from coconut shells, which are a renewable source of natural fibres. The fine grains of cat litter are low-dust and form flat clumps when they come into contact with moisture, in which odours and urine are locked away. Biokat's Diamond Care ClaΒic only uses 100% natural clay with a reliable absorbency.

The product contains Aloe vera to care for your cat's sensitive paws. The ripe aloe vera leaves are sent to the manufacturer as soon as they are harvested, and are then washed and peeled by hand. Once this is done, they are made into aloe vera gel, aloe vera eΒence and powder concentrate.

Aloe vera eΒence is sprayed on the litter to provide extra-special care for your cat's sensitive paws. As with all Biokat products, this litter is made in Germany. Biokat's Diamond Care ClaΒic at a glance: Clumping cat litter with effective odour binding Manufactured using only premium natural raw materials Very fine granules. Low dust production Made from 100% natural clay With Active Carbon: Highly porous carbon compound with a huge inner surface area, where 1 gram represents around 1,000sq/m, for excellent odour binding With Aloe Vera: Sprayed onto the litter in the form of liquid eΒence, to provide pleasant and lasting care for your cat's paws Forms flat clumps Can be used for up to 60 days Clay sourced solely from approved open-cast mines Made in Germany.

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