Applaws Pouches Cat Food in Jelly Mega Pack 32 x 70g - Chicken with Liver

Applaws Pouches Cat Food in Jelly is a supplementary wet food for adult cats. It is a completely natural food and is made using only the ingredients listed. It does not contain any fillers, or artificial additives, taste enhancers or colours. The delicious, lean meat is from free run chickens reared without hormones or antibiotics. The fish comes from sustainable sources.

Cats love the tasty jelly which is rich in natural taurine and arginine, two valuable amino acids. All varieties of Applaws Pouches Cat Food in Jelly are grain-free, so they are suitable for cats with nutritional sensitivities. Applaws Pouches Cat Food in Jelly Mega pack 32 x 70g: Supplementary wet food for adult cats Grain-free Made with top quality ingredients Free run chickens, reared in a species appropriate manner, without hormones or antibiotics, Fish from sustainable sources No fillers, no artificial additives Rich in taurine and arginine Great taste, well accepted.

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