Applaws Cat Layers Saver Pack 24 x 70g - Tuna with Anchovy in Jelly

Applaws Cat Layers is a unique supplementary wet cat food with lots of good things layered on top of another. This great tasting wet cat food is suitable for adult cats and made from only the very best ingredients. It combines two layers of delicious, natural ingredients set in a soft, natural jelly. Applaws Layers are made from protein rich tuna or chicken and have a delectable topping.

Your cat can choose from anchovy, prawn, lamb or tomato toppings. This complementary food is made using only 100% natural ingredients and does not contain any artificial additives, taste enhancers or colour. Applaws Cat Layers 24 x 70g at a glance: Now available in a great-value saver pack Premium supplementary food for adult cats Lots of fish or poultry provides quality animal protein With anchovy, lamb, tomato or prawn topping for an extra special taste 2 delicious layers set in a soft, natural jelly 100% natural ingredients: No taste enhancers, artificial additives or colour.

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