Applaws Cat Layers Mixed Multipack 70g - Mixed Pack 6 x 70g

For gourmet-loving cats with high demands, this Applaws Cat Layer Trial Pack 6 x 70g is a particularly high-quality supplementary food for adult cats. This premium cat food is an elegant combination of two layers of exquisite ingredients in a mouth-watering jelly. Applaws Cat Layer uses a high-quality base of protein-rich tuna or chicken, polished off with a tender layer of succulent toppings, offering a choice of anchovies, shrimp, lamb or tomatoes.

It leaves nothing to be desired by even the fuΒiest of cats and is the ideal addition to the balanced meal plan of true connoiΒeurs. Applaws Cat Layer wet cat food uses 100% natural ingredients and is completely free from artificial additives, flavour enhancers and colourings.

The Applaws Cat Layer Trial Pack 6 x 70g contains: 2 x 70g Chicken with Lamb in Jelly 2 x 70g Tuna with Prawn in Jelly 2 x 70g Tuna with Anchovy in Jelly Applaws Cat Layer Trial Pack 6 x 70g at a glance: Premium supplementary food for adult house cats High fish or poultry content as exquisite sources of protein Toppings of anchovies, prawn or lamb provide an exquisite flavour Two succulent layers combined with a delicate jelly 100% natural ingredients: free from flavour enhancers, artificial additives and colourings.

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