Animonda vom Feinsten Deluxe Neutered Cats - 1.75kg

Just estimating, roughly 70% of house cats are neutered, and in general provides positive results. All things considered, castration keeps hormone levels under control. However, castrated cats immediately after operation can experience fluctuating energy levels, which can be extremely jeopardizing. The high-quality, special recipe of dry cat food Animonda vom Feinsten Deluxe for castrated cats accounts for the additional neceΒary ingredients: Higher protein content and reduced fat which cares for the weight regulation of your cat.

A special Vitamin C complex prevents plaque and film build-up on teeth NeceΒary minerals work together to prevent urinary or bladder stones Natural, plant fibers aid digestion and reduce the build-up of hair balls The cat food Animonda vom Feisten Deluxe for castrated cats contains no soy, coloring, preservatives, and no anti-oxidants.

Also doesn't include glutenous wheat. Animonda vom Feinsten Deluxe dry cat food can also be combined with Animonda vom Feinsten Deluxe moist food. Offer one or two meaty meals of Animonda vom Feinsten trays daily and provide Animonda vom Feinsten Deluxe dry food for free feeding during the rest of the day.

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