Animonda vom Feinsten Deluxe Kitten - 10kg

Animonda vom Feinsten Deluxe Kitten is a dry food for kittens which has been formulated for cats which are still growing and developing. The carefully selected, premium ingredients are easy to digest and well accepted. They provide a great basis for your kitten's well-being and healthy development. The carefully selected vitamin combination in Aminonda vom Feinstein Deluxe Kitten food supports your kitten's immune system, helping to strengthen it and promoting its natural defences.

A balanced mix of minerals encourages healthy growth and development. The proteins and fructo oligosaccharides (FOS) are gentle on sensitive young tummies and digestive systems and easy to digest which encourages optimal digestion of the nutrients.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids encourage a shiny, healthy coat. Animonda vom Feinsten Deluxe for kittens is made without using soya in any form. It does not contain artificial colours, preservatives or anti-oxidants, nor does it contain wheat gluten. Your cat will enjoy a tasty combination Animonda vom Feinsten Deluxe Kitten dry and wet food: Feed your kitten one or two trays of delicious wet Animonda vom Feinsten and provide Animonda vom Feinsten Deluxe dry food for free feeding throughout the day.

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