Animonda vom Feinsten Deluxe Grandis - 10kg

Animonda vom Feinsten Deluxe Grandis is a cat food specially suited for adult cats of large breeds, such as Maine Coons or Norwegian Forest cats, with large kibble to slow eating. Large, light, smooth croutons: promote longer feeding periods Has a special vitamin C complex: minimises tooth decay because of the specially formed bites, which also minimise the risk of plaque build-up Glucosamine and chondroitin-sulphate: provides fluidity of cartilage and has a positive effect on joint mobility Special vitamin and mineral combination: prevents hormonal deficiencies and strengthens the immune system, for optimal health Natural plant fibres: aid digestion and reduce the build-up of hair balls EΒential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6: care for the health of fur and promote healthy skin Animonda vom Feinsten Deluxe cat food - no compromise, when it comes to diet, your animal receives what it deserves.

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