Animonda vom Feinsten Adult Tasty Fillings 6 x 100g - Chicken Salmon Fillet and Spinach

Even the most selective and spoilt cats will fall for the delights of Animonda vom Feinsten Adult Tasty Fillings. These moist meat and poultry pates are enhanced with herbs or vegetables and each delicious Paté contains a tasty filling too. Each tray contains all of the eΒential vitamins and minerals that your cat needs for overall wellbeing, so you can spoil your cat, safe in the knowledge that you are also providing it with a healthy, balanced diet.

Animonda's vom Feinsten range only includes the best selected ingredients and meat varieties, to create natural, authentic flavours. At the same time, each recipe was developed according to the latest thinking in feline nutrition. This wet cat food is free from soya, grains and GM ingredients, and is also free from any artificial colourings, preservatives or flavourings.

Animonda vom Feinsten Adult Tasty Fillings 6 x 100g at a glance: Balanced wet food for adult cats Gourmet recipe with a tasty filling: tasty meat Paté with vegetables and herbs, wrapped around a delicious filling Complete nutrition: contains the right amount of protein, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to promote wellbeing Natural and authentic flavours: no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives and also free from soya, grains and GM ingredients Well accepted: tasty kibble.

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