Animonda Milkies 20 x 15g - Harmony

Cats love their food and these Animonda Milkies 20 x 15g are bound to tick all the boxes. They make ideal treats and can create a wonderful bond between you and your cat. Each cup is low in gluten, natural and highly-digestible. They can be added to the top of a dry food diet or added to drinking water. Your cat will love these Animonda Milkies, a whole new way of snacking! Each variety offers eΒential nutritional benefits and can help keep your cat healthy as well as happy! Animonda Milkies 20 x 15g at a glance: Milky snack for cats Versatile snack enjoyments: As a treat directly from the cup As a topping for wet food As an addition to drinking water In practical dispensers with 20 cups per box! Beauty: with added zinc Active: rich in taurine Balance: with vitamin D and E Harmony: with delicious malt Low in gluten and easy to digest Free from artificial colours and preservatives.

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