Animonda Carny Ocean Mixed Saver Pack 12 x 80g - 4 Varieties

Your cat will look forward to the "fish days" with the wonderful fish meals from Animonda. Animonda Carny Ocean Cat Food is available in different varieties, for alternation in the feeding dish. Our furry friends who nowadays mostly live with us inside the house need a balanced diet. As fish-proteins are light proteins (fish has a lower connective tiΒue contingent) it is specifically suitable with moderate corporate movement.

Additionally, fish offers valuable eΒential amino acids in an easily digestible form. And not to forget: cats are great fish fans. Only exclusively delicate tuna resp. salmon, each refined with delicious sides, are used for the Animonda Carny Ocean fish-delectabilities.

Animonda Carny Ocean 80g is now available in aΒorted savings packs. You'll receive three tins each of Salmon and Baby Sardines White Tuna and Red Snapper White Tuna and Beef Tuna and Seafood.

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