Animonda Carny Ocean 12 x 80g - Salmon and Baby Sardines

Your cat will look forward to every meal with these delicious fish-based foods from Animonda. Animonda Carny Ocean Cat Food is available in a great range of different flavours, making it easy to provide your cat with a varied diet. A light, balanced diet is important for our feline friends, especially since they spend such a lot of time inside with us. Fish contains a low proportion of connective tiΒue, making it a 'light protein': perfect for cats that only get a moderate or low amount of physical exercise.

Fish also provides eΒential amino acids in an easily digestible form, helping to care for your cat's skin, coat and joints. With tender tuna and salmon combined with delicious secondary ingredients, Animonda Carny Ocean is a quality supplementary food that your cat will adore.

The Mixed Pack 12 x 80g contains: 3x Salmon and Baby Sardines 3x White Tuna and Red Snapper 3x White Tuna and Beef 3x Tuna and Seafood.

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