Animonda Carny Adult Saver Pack 24 x 200g - Beef and Heart

Cats are carnivores. Animonda Carny cat food is made using only carefully selected premium meat which is gently proceΒed to produce this delicious cat food. Animonda Carny contains only freshly prepared, tasty meat. Nothing more. It is completely grain-free and does not contain artificial flavour enhancers, colours or preservatives. Animonda Carny is guaranteed free of soya, artificial colouring and preservatives, and any GM ingredients.

Each recipe is made using only the stated meat which is an excellent source of animal protein as well as natural taurine, a vital amino acid which cats cannot produce in adequate quantities, so it needs to be supplemented through diet. Taurine helps to support the immune system, cardiac function and healthy eyesight.

It also helps to keep skin supple and fur shiny. Only pure meat is used in Animonda Carny wet cat food so it retains the natural, unadulterated and typical taste of meat which cats adore. Animonda Carny Adult 200g is available in two mixed packs: Poultry and Beef Varieties: 3 x Meat Saucer 3 x Beef, Chicken and Duck Hearts 3 x Beef, Turkey and Shrimp 3 x Beef, Turkey and Rabbit Beef Varieties: 3 x Beef and Chicken 3 x Beef and Lamb 3 x Beef and Heart 3 x Pure Beef More information about the individual varieties can be found here: Animonda Carny Wet Cat Food.

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