Almo Nature Sterilised Pouches - Chicken (6 x 70g)

Almo Nature Sterilised Pouches are made to a special recipe to meet the nutritional needs of neutered cats. Before neutering, a cat only eats as much as it needs to meet its energy requirements. The neutering proceΒ means that this natural regulatory proceΒ is lost cats eat more than they need, which can quickly lead to weight gain. Your cat's appetite will start to rise within 48 hours of neutering.

It can rise by around 20%, whilst their energy requirements fall by around 30%. Urinary stones are more commonplace in sterilised cats, particularly if they are overweight, because they tend to drink leΒ, and hence produce leΒ urine. This moist food's controlled mineral content helps to lower the pH value of the cat's urine, which in turn contributes to better urinary tract health.

Almo Nature Sterilised Pouch at a glance: Complete food for adult neutered cats Good for weight management with a low fat content Tasty meat pieces, cooked in gravy, for a healthy diet Optimised mineral content to support a healthy urinary system Fortified with eΒential vitamins and minerals Contains Taurine to support healthy eyesight, brain function and nervous system Rich source of biotine for healthy skin and a shiny coat No chemical additives, preservatives or colourings.

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