Almo Nature Orange Label Economy Packs 3 x 750g - Beef

Almo Nature Orange Label is a balanced dry food specifically designed to meet the needs of indoor cats and made with delicious, high-quality ingredients of premium pet food quality. It contains a high quantity of finest quality meat or fish from controlled sources, which combine with a range of other ingredients to produce a scrumptious and luxurious top-quality meal that is well accepted and highly digestible.

Alongside premium meat, the food also contains a range of valuable vitamins and minerals, all of which contribute to keeping your cat's overall wellbeing high. The food is enriched with various nutrients that will help keep your cat looking and feeling fabulous! Almo Nature Orange Label at a glance: Premium complete dry cat food Available in a range of wholesome flavours Rich in meat or fish Special ingredients for a refined recipe With vitamins and minerals Naturally preserved Almo Nature Orange Label is a balanced, complete food and provides your cat with all the nutrients and vitamins it needs.

The nutritional characteristics reflect the carnivorous tendencies of cats in the wild.

Almo Nature cat food is unique and ineffable, as are all natural things. Almo Nature from your pet's point of view! Please click here for further information regarding Almo Nature Orange Dry Label.

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