Almo Nature Orange Label Adult Chicken Dry Cat Food - 750g

Almo Nature Orange Label Adult Chicken has been specially developed to meet the needs of indoor cats, which need fewer calories than those living an active outdoor lifestyle. This complete dry food contains 40% high-quality meat from controlled sources, meeting nutritional needs in a natural and species-appropriate way. With a 28% content of low-calorie chicken and a 15% content of fresh meat, this food is well accepted and also very digestible.

This light, delicious food is free from artificial additives such as preservatives or colourings. Almo Nature Orange Label Adult chicken is ideal for fuΒy adult cats that spend time primarily indoors. The premium meal offers felines all the nutrients needed for general wellbeing without overloading the system with unneceΒary calories.

It is enriched with L-carnitine, which can help increase metabolism and fat-burning ability. In this way, your cat is supported in its efforts to control its weight, even when activity levels are low. Almo Nature Orange Label Adult Chicken at a glance: Complete dry food for adult indoor cats Specially designed for indoor cats with a lower calorie need and prone to weight gain High meat and fish content: with 40% meat, including 28% low-calorie chicken and 15% fresh meat Light and digestible: a recipe ideal for weight control and good digestion With L-carnitine: can improve metabolism and fat-burning ability Enticing flavour: extremely well accepted thanks to its high meat and fish content in a species-appropriate recipe Controlled sources for high-quality ingredients Contains taurine: to support heart, eye, brain and nerve function Vital recipe: rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements Free from artificial preservatives and colourings Almo Nature cat food is unique and ineffable, as are all natural things.

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