Almo Nature Light Saver Pack 24 x 50g - Chicken Breast with Eastern Little Tuna

Fresh chicken and fish of human grade quality make up 50% of this delicious Almo Nature ClaΒic Light wet cat food. The high-quality ingredients have been gently prepared in order to maintain their natural nutrients and own genuine flavour. The large quantity of sumptuous stock make this low-calorie food extremely well accepted. This food is ideal for cats that are overweight or sterilised, or those older or indoor cats that simply have lower activity levels.

The light, digestible chicken in this Almo Nature ClaΒic Light food acts as a great source of valuable protein, while the fish provides beneficial unsaturated fatty acids. As with the entire Almo Nature ClaΒic range, this Light low-calorie version is also free from gluten, so that even those with intolerances can enjoy this meal.

This natural and delicious wet food is free from artificial additives such as colours, flavours and preservatives. Almo Nature ClaΒic Light Saver Pack 24 x 50g at a glance: Reduced calorie supplementary food for cats of all ages Ideal for overweight, sterilised or leΒ active cats Fresh, high-quality ingredients: with 50% high-quality chicken or fish of human grade quality High quality protein and nutrients: chicken serves as a light, digestible source of protein, while fish provides beneficial unsaturated fatty acids Natural: gently prepared for high flavour and digestibility Gluten- and grain-free: suitable even for sensitive cats Free from artificial additives The mixed pack contains the 2 following flavours: 12 x 50g with Eastern Little Tuna 12 x 50g with Chicken Breast Please note: Almo Nature cat food is entirely natural.

Every single flavour of Almo Nature wet food (tuna, chicken etc) contains its own proportions of vitamins, minerals (e.

g. calcium, phosphorus) and taurine. Almo Nature therefore recommends a diet which is based on a variety of different natural foods (red meat, poultry, fish, dry and wet food). The varying nutrient contents of this variety will ensure a balanced diet for your cat. Almo Nature Light is a supplementary cat food.

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