Almo Nature Green Label Raw Pack Pouches 12 x 55g - Chicken Breast and Duck Fillet

Almo Nature Green Label Raw is tasty cat food made with delicious human-grade meat or fish, to create a natural, species-appropriate and nutritious supplementary food. The pouches contain a particularly high proportion of muscle meat - 75% - to ensure that your cat eats all of the eΒential proteins and micronutrients that it needs. The nutrients are preserved thanks to Almo Nature's innovative cooking methods.

Almo Nature packages the raw ingredients first and then gently cooks the pouch in a water bath. The ingredients remain especially tasty, full of nutrients, and the method also helps to create a rich broth for your cat to lap up. Almo Nature Green Label Raw uses only natural products. It does not contain any artificial additives such as flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

The food is also free from grains and gluten, making it ideal for feeding to hypersensitive cats. The practical pouches keep the food fresh and also help you to provide the right portion size. This natural wet food is ideal as a supplement to Almo Nature dry cat foods.

Almo Nature Green Label Raw at a glance: Premium supplementary cat food With high quality, fresh ingredients: 75% fresh meat and fish, graded as suitable for human consumption (NB: We do not recommend that you eat this food) Innovative cooking method: raw ingredients are put straight into the pouches and then gently cooked in a water bath, to preserve eΒential proteins and micronutrients Rich stock: the cooking methods help to create a tasty stock that encourages your cat to drink and helps to ensure your cat absorbs enough moisture Completely natural: no additives, naturally preserved and especially healthy Free from gluten and grains: also suitable for hypersensitive cats No artificial additives: no flavourings, colourings or preservatives Practical pouches: safe and hygienic packaging makes it easy to divide food into portions.

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