Almo Nature Anti Hairball Pouches - Chicken (6 x 70g)

Almo Nature Anti Hairball is a functional wet food for adult cats. This balanced, complete food is made up of tasty and healthy pieces of meat or fish, cooked in a tasty sauce. It also contains plant-based fibres which help to prevent hairballs from forming in the stomach and can help to ease the paΒage of hair through the digestive tract. Cats spend roughly 30% of their waking hours grooming themselves.

Their tongues are structured to work like a brush on their fur, picking up dead hair and dirt. Swallowed hairs are either brought back up again or they paΒ through the digestive system. The natural paΒage of hair through the digestive system can be supported with food with functional ingredients that encourage good digestive transit.

Almo Nature Anti Hairball food does not contain any artificial preservatives, attractants or colourings. Almo Nature Anti Hairball Pouch at a glance: Complete food for adult cats Tasty meat pieces, cooked in gravy, for a healthy diet With plant fibres that help to discourage the build up of hairballs Helps to reduce stomach irritation resulting from hairballs Promotes the healthy transit of hairs through the digestive tract Fortified with vitamins and minerals Contains Taurine to support healthy eyesight, brain function and nervous system Rich source of biotine for healthy skin and a shiny coat No chemical additives, preservatives or colourings.

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