Advance Veterinary Diets Urinary Feline - 8kg

Advance Veterinary Diets Urinary is a dietetic complete dry kibble for cats with diseases of the lower urinary tract, or struvite stones. This food is also suitable for use to prevent struvite stone formation. Ingredients that make the urine more acidic, plus a low magnesium content both help to treat feline urinary syndrome as well as lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD/FUS) and can help to diΒolve struvite stones.

The food's optimal concentration of sodium chloride and potaΒium chloride increases urinary production and also helps to protect the bladder mucous membrane, whilst phytates and citrates help to prevent the formation of crystals in urinary paΒages. Advance Veterinary Diets Urinary Feline at a glance: Dietetic complete dry food for adult cats To support treatment or for use as a preventative for struvite stones and urinary disease Sodium chloride and potaΒium chloride: The optimal concentration to increase urinary production.

Also helps to protect the mucous membranes in the bladder and reduce the risk of urinary stone formation.

Makes urine more acidic: pH values 6.0 6.3. Can help to reduce the occurrence of struvite stones and encourage them to gently diΒolve. Phytates and Citrates: Have a preventative effect on crystal formation in urinary paΒages. Reduced Magnesium content: Can help to diΒolve struvite stones. Highly digestible: Fresh meat gives the food a great taste and ensures it is well accepted, as well as improving bioavailability.

Higher PotaΒium: Ensures optimal potaΒium levels and compensates for potaΒium deficiency. Bioflavonoids: Natural antioxidants help to boost the antioxidant effects of vitamin E and C and can minimise oxidative cell damage. Indications: Disease of the urinary paΒages (FLUTD) with struvite stones Struvite urolithiasis Prevention and control of repeated attacks of urinary stones that are formed from struvite or oxalate crystals Improve symptoms of idiopathic cystitis Contraindications: Pregnancy or lactation Repeated use of urine acidifying medications.

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