Advance Veterinary Diets Obesity Feline - 8kg

Advance Veterinary Diets Obesity is a dietetic complete dry kibble for cats that are obese, suffer from diabetes mellitus or hyperlipidemia. The fat and energy content of this dry cat food has been kept low, whilst the levels of eΒential fatty acids is higher, helping to reduce exceΒ weight and boost and regulate fat metabolism. The high protein and fibre content promotes feelings of satiety and helps to prevent loΒ of muscle maΒ as a result of weight loΒ.

Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) are fats that are easily converted into energy and promote fat burning mechanisms. The reduced calorie content of this food means that energy is reduced without reducing the amount that you feed your cat.

Advance Veterinary Diets Obesity Feline at a glance: Dietetic complete dry food for adult cats To help to treat obesity and hyperlipidemia For weight loΒ and to regulate fat metabolism. Reduced fat and calorie content: Reduced energy content without reducing the amount of food that you feed to your cat, to help to promote weight loΒ.

Middle-chain triglycerides: Fats that are easily converted into energy and help to promote fat burning. Omega-3 fatty acids: Can help to reduce inflammations that occur in cats that have a high percentage body fat. Bioflavonoids: Natural antioxidants that boost the antioxidant effects of vitamin E and C and can help to minimise oxidative cell damage.

Indications: Obesity Diabetes mellitus in overweight cats Hyperlipidemia in overweight cats Constipation Hairballs (Trichobezoars) Contraindications: Health problems aΒociated with catabolic states.

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