Acana Regionals Wild Prairie Dry Cat Food - 1.8kg

Acana Regionals Wild Prairie dry cat food is a biologically-appropriate complete meal for your pet. It is made with fresh meat, organs and cartilage in WholePrey™ ratios and is based on the WholePrey™ principle which reflects the food your cat would have eaten in the wild, where it would have consumed the protein-rich muscle meat, nutrient and vitamin-rich offal and calcium, and phosphorus-rich bones and cartilage of the entire prey animal.

This wholesome kibble is grain-free with a low carbohydrate content (25%) and low glycaemic index. Arcana Regionals dry cat food provides your cat with a balanced nutrition that contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs for a healthy lifestyle.

It has a high animal / fish protein content (75%) with a healthy mix of different sources of animal protein. This dry cat food is enriched with fruit and vegetables, and plant extracts, all of which provide your cat with the vital vitamins and minerals it needs to lead a healthy, happy life. Acana uses only the very best, fresh, regional Canadian products to produce this healthy cat food.

It uses free-run chicken, turkey, whole nest-laid eggs and wild-caught fish from western Canadian farms and waters. They are healthy sources of animal protein and rich in important nutrients. The fruit and vegetables are harvested and delivered daily from local farms. All Acana products are free from artificial additives.

The top-quality ingredients ensure your cat can enjoy a balanced, wholesome meal every time. Acana Regionals Wild Prairie dry cat food at a glance: Premium quality dry food for adult cats of all breeds Mirrors your cat's natural diet in the wild: to help your pet stay healthy and happy Top quality ingredients: all ingredients are sourced from regional, Canadian farms and fisheries.

They are of human grade quality and delivered fresh every day WholePrey™ meat ratio: reflects your cat's natural wild diet and uses meat, organs and cartilage in the correct ratio to meet your cat's dietary needs 75% meat: 50% of the meat content is fresh meat. This is an excellent source of animal product with a hearty, delicious taste 5 sources of protein: free-run chicken, turkey, whole nest-laid eggs and wild-caught fish from sustainable sources 25% fruit, vegetables and plant extracts: from local Canadian farms ensure that your cat gets all the vitamins it needs.

They also help to keep the digestive system working well Low in carbohydrates (25%): The kibble is free from potatoes, tapioca and starches.

It contains locally grown lentils and chickpeas which have a low glycaemic index which can help to prevent obesity Grain and gluten-free, no GMOs or plant protein concentrates: suitable for cats with nutritional sensitivities or allergies No artificial additives: this food is made using top quality ingredients and provides your cat with a natural, nutrient rich food which doesn't need additives With zinc, choline and copper: These are the only supplements used in this..

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