85g IAMS Delights - 9 plus 3 Free!* - Sea Collection in Jelly (12 x 85g)

This promotional offer applies only to the listed variants starting with 635848.xx (.xx = variant identifier). IAMS Delights combines your cat's favourite ingredients with all of the vital nutrients they need to lead an active, happy life. With a choice between chunks of succulent meat and fish in savoury gravy or jelly, your cat will love these new flavours! These tasty recipes are based on many years of research and contain a high content of animal protein, making this food nutritious and delicious.

Established in 1946: The founder of the company, Paul F. Iams, recognised dogs and cats primarily as carnivores; this thought came to revolutionise the whole pet food industry. Products made by IAMS are characterised by the innovative recipes, the highest level of safety and quality, and years of research.

IAMS Delights at a glance: Original recipe: based on many years of research, IAMS food helps to promotes your cat's well-being High meat and fish content: IAMS wet food takes your cat's biological nutritional requirements into consideration and ensures they receive a high content of animal protein Great tasting: irresistible combinations of meat, fish and vegetables Wholesome food: provides your cat with all the eΒential nutrients Easy to digest: IAMS Delights wet food pouches are easy to digest and helps to promote your cat's natural defences High safety standards: continuous quality control from the choice of ingredients to the packaging International manufacturer: founded in 1946, IAMS has years of experience pioneering the development of healthy, modern pet food More information about the individual varieties can be found here: IAMS Wet Cat Food * Special offer items have limited availability and are very popular.

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