800g Lily's Kitchen Dry Cat Food - Mixed Bundle - Delicious Chicken plus Curious Kitten

Lily's Kitchen Complete Dry Cat Food is packed with natural ingredients, to provide your cat with a healthy, species-appropriate diet. Lily's Kitchen has a really 'home-made' taste, thanks to the freshly prepared meat or fish that goes into the recipe. In addition, egg, fruit and vegetables, salmon oil as well as plant extracts and herbs all help to enhance your adult cat's wellbeing, and helps your pet to stay active and alert.

Unlike everyday cat foods, that often rely on meat meal and chemical additives to bulk them out, this dry cat food has been prepared so that is natural and pure. This grain-free, gluten-free cat food is especially well tolerated and can also be fed to cats that have food intolerances or allergies.

Our Mixed Bundle contains: 800g Delicious Chicken Adult plus 800g Curious Kitten 800g Fabulous Fish Adult plus 800g Marvellously Mature Tasty, balanced and complete dry food from Lily's Kitchen you couldn't make it better if you made it yourself! More information about the individual varieties can be found here: Lily's Kitchen Dry Cat Food.

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