6kg Feringa Dry Cat Food plus Cosma Snackies xxL Free!* - Duck (6kg)

This promotional offer applies only to the listed variants starting with 592937.xx (.xx = variant identifier). Cosma Snackies xxL are natural, grain-free cat snacks made from 100% pure chicken or tuna. Each individual Cosma Snackies xxL is made using a very gentle and lengthy freeze-drying proceΒ. The fish or meat is heated at a very low temperature to slowly extract the water.

This proceΒ ensures that the snacks retain all their vital nutrients as well as the intense taste which your cat adores. Cosma Snackies xxL are completely natural and made without artificial additives, colour, attractants or preservatives. Freeze-dried Cosma Snackies xxL are recommended by vets and cat breeders as a healthy, well accepted cat treat.

Premium quality Cosma Snackies xxL are available in a re-sealable tube which keeps the natural meat or fish fresh and tasty. You can feed your cat Snackies xxL several times a day as an appetising snack, or try something different and scatter a few over your cat's normal food. Your cat will love the delicious, pure taste.

Cosma Snackies - the pure, natural snack for your cat. Lovingly created Feringa dry cat food provides your cat with a natural, grain-free diet, containing high-quality proteins from tender fish. The carefully selected ingredients are gently prepared, preserving the natural nutrients and authentic flavour of this premium food. Your cat's digestive system is not designed to proceΒ large amounts of grain, so Feringa recipes contain absolutely no grains.

Feringa dry cat food is guaranteed to be a hit with even choosy cats. Feringa lovingly prepared, just like home-made! More information about the individual varieties can be found here: Feringa Dry Cat Food Feringa tastes just like home-made! * Special offer items have limited availability and are very popular.

We cannot guarantee availability of these items. The images used in this promotion are for illustration purposes only and do not constitute a binding offer. Out of stock promotional items are no longer available for purchase.

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