6 x 800g Feringa Menu Duo Mixed Packs - 25% Off!* - 6 x 800g Mixed Pack

This promotional offer applies only to the listed variants starting with 641861.xx (.xx = variant identifier). The beautifully presented Feringa Menu Duo varieties contains a combination of freshly prepared meat or fish, with the addition of delicious vegetables or fruit, and a pinch of herbs. Feringa is a natural, grain-free cat food with an exceptionally high meat content.

The nutritional profiles of the different recipes are designed to fulfil the natural dietary needs of cats. The carefully selected ingredients are gently prepared in a family-owned factory, preserving the natural nutrients and authentic, delicious flavours in every can of this high quality complete food. Your cat's digestive system is not designed to proceΒ large amounts of grains, so Feringa cuts them out of their recipes completely.

The delicious Feringa Menu Duo varieties are so tasty, even the pickiest cats are sure to love them. Try Feringa Menu Duo with these handy mixed packs containing: 1 x Duck and Veal with Broccoli and Dandelion 1 x Rabbit and Turkey with Buckthorn and Catnip 1 x Trout and Chicken with Potato and Parsley 1 x Salmon and Turkey with Courgette and WatercreΒ 1 x Poultry with Carrots and Dandelion 1 x Lamb and Rabbit with Cranberries and Dandelion More information about the individual varieties can be found here: Feringa Menu Duo Feringa - Lovingly prepared, just like home-made! A natural species appropriate food for your pet.

* Special offer items have limited availability and are very popular. We cannot guarantee availability of these items. The images used in this promotion are for illustration purposes only and do not constitute a binding offer. Out of stock promotional items are no longer available for purchase.

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