3 x 1.4kg Happy Cat Adult Mixed Pack - Beef Lamb and Salmon Mixed Pack

Ensure your cat is set up well every day with this 3 x 1.4kg Happy Cat Adult Mixed Pack, which has an increased energy content and is perfect for active cats needing all-round nutrition. It is rich in animal protein and easy to digest, with a natural, balanced recipe enriched with valuable New Zealand muΒels for healthy joints. Happy Cat Adult also features a revolutionary ALL IN ONE concept, which ensures your cat receives an optimum nutrition for a long, active life.

The delicious kibble contains beneficial ingredients such as herbs, linseeds, chicory and taurine, supporting the special effect of moving hairballs through the digestive tract. It also helps to control the pH value of your cat's urine, helping to prevent urinary tract infection.

Natural plant extra Yucca schidigera helps to reduce stool odours. 3 x 1.4kg Happy Cat Adult Mixed Pack at a glance: Balanced complete dry food for adult cats With tasty lamb, beef or salmon Specially adapted recipe for active cats With New Zealand muΒels: to promote healthy joints ALL IN ONE concept: provides your cat with all the vital nutrients and vitamins it needs Hairball control: with increased levels of fibre to help move swallowed hairs through the system.

This helps bind food and hair together and transport them swiftly through the gut Taurine: promotes eyesight and helps support heart muscle function, as well as keeping fur gloΒy and skin healthy pH control: with special minerals to help promote urinary tract health Dental care: with large kibble to promote dental abrasion and provide chewing fun Rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids: to promote skin metabolism and gloΒy, silky fur Natural Life Concept: with valuable herbs beneficial for health, including thistle, artichoke, ginger and rosemary Seaweed: strengthens the immune system, activates healthy gut flora and improves cell metabolism Linseeds: rich in omega-3 fatty acids to support skin and coat health.

Linseeds keep gut mucus healthy and alleviate inflammation from allergies in a natural way Chicory: with prebiotic inulin, which helps fight pathogens in the gut.

Good bacteria are promoted, helping keep the digestive system balanced Yucca schidigera: absorbs foul-smelling substances in the gut and helps reduce unpleasant stool odours. The prebiotic effects of this extract can help naturally support cell protection Apple fibres: with prebiotic effects on the digestive tract, stablising and improving digestion in a natural way and helping your cat feel fuller for longer Free from genetically modified ingredients and made without the use of animal testing Made in Germany: high-quality raw ingredients from local farms, produced by Bavarian family busineΒes.

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