10kg Hill's Science Plan Dry Cat Food plus Trixie Catch the Light Laser Pointer Free!* - Kitten Healthy Development - Chicken (10kg)

This promotional offer applies only to the listed variants starting with 640853.xx (.xx = variant identifier). This nifty hi-tech Trixie Catch the Light Laser Pointer toy should keep your cat happy for hours, chasing the dancing red laser dot wherever it twists and turns. The ultimate playful experience, and indispensable for all cat owners! Colour of item may differ from displayed illustration.

Note for correct use of the Trixie Laser Pointer: Playing for long periods of time with an intangible toy does not make for long-lasting fun. To avoid any frustration, the FroliCat Bolt Laser Cat Toy should not be left running for such long periods of time. Treats or an extra, physical toy (e.g. a dangler pole toy, ball or mouse toy) should be provided now and then.

This will increase your kitty's chance of succeΒ and ensure a more enjoyable experience chasing after the little red dot. Trixie Catch the Light Laser Pointer at a glance: Size: approx. 7 x 3 x 2.5 cm (L x W x H) Red laser Material: plastic With metal chain for attaching to keys Includes 3 batteries Colour may vary from the product photo and cannot be chosen Hazard claΒ level 2: The acceΒible laser radiation is only within the visible spectrum range [400 nm - 700 nm].

Brief exposure (up to 0.25 sec) is not harmful to the eyes. Warning: Avoid pointing the laser light towards eyes, as this can cause permanent damage.

What's this? Hill's Science Plan Feline is a well-balanced, high-quality complete diet for cats. The range of flavours from Hill's offers solutions for every life phase and cat lifestyle. More information about the individual varieties can be found here: Hill's Science Plan Dry Cat Food * Special offer items have limited availability and are very popular.

We cannot guarantee availability of these items. The images used in this promotion are for illustration purposes only and do not constitute a binding offer. Out of stock promotional items are no longer available for purchase.

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